My Pregnancy: Hyperemesis Gravidarm (HG) & CBD oil

Before and after HempWorx CBD oil during pregnancy

I am 19 weeks into my second Hyperemesis Gravidarum pregnancy and this is my testimonial! I started taking HempWorx when I was 12 weeks pregnant. For the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy I was sick 8-10 a day. I couldn’t keep any food or liquids down (yes I went two months without water.) I slept a minimum of 16 hours a day because I was wasting away. And I can’t even begin to tell you how depressed I had become… I was thinking thoughts that no pregnant woman should ever think.

We planned this pregnancy because we desperately wanted another child, and we accepted the sacrifice that came with it. I was unable to work, unable to take care of myself, unable to take care of my two year old, and unable to help my spouse in any way. Just before our first trip to the ER (I had 8 trips during my first pregnancy), my mom suggested CBD oil. I turned her away because we were already spending $800+ a month on things that may help me, and they NEVER helped. Thankfully my mom is a very persistent woman and she insisted.

With absolutely no hope that CBD would help me, I took my first dosage at 8pm during my 12th week of pregnancy. I was up until 4:30am sick and finally fell asleep. When I woke up at 9am I was ready to run to the bathroom… BUT I DIDN’T NEED TO!!! I immediately started crying and yelled for my husband, I think I was in shock.

Since that day I haven’t looked back! I eat and drink what I want, when I want!! I can’t tell you how good it feels to drink water while pregnant. I have more energy than I have ever had in my life. I am working a full schedule and taking care of my family and son again. It is the first thing that has ever worked for me and I am eternally grateful. I have cried so many happy tears and I finally believe that CBD is the full solution to my Hyperemesis. It only took me 7 weeks to accept that it would continue to work LOL but now I am a complete believer. I feel like super woman, and I am so happy that I finally have the chance to experience a beautiful, happy pregnancy.

I’m so much more confident in my health and the health of our little one. I’m so happy for us because we actually have a chance at a beautiful, healthy, happy pregnancy! With no prescriptions!!! 

I have done my research, and my goal is to provide articles and helpful information for other women suffering from HG. I have tried so many ‘cures’ and now that I have found my pregnancy miracle I am determined to spread the word! Women with HG have suffered enough. I have laid on the bathroom floor crying long enough, and I have now taken my pregnancy into my own hands.

I’m so grateful for everyone who has suggested CBD oil to me along the way, I should have listened sooner than I did. Thank you so much, I can’t even explain my gratitude.

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UPDATE** My CBD baby has been born! Listen in to see how CBD has helped during pregnancy and post partum!

Can’t take CBD? These things have helped me in the past:

  • Kobucha

    Kombucha worked really well for me throughout the day. It was my best chance at keeping liquid in my body. Ocassionally my body would allow me to add some water to the Kombucha, which was like heaven after being water-deprived for so long.

  • Fermented Foods

    I was only able to eat the occasional pickle, but if I was able to hold it down it always made a positive difference in my day.

  • Colloidal Silver

    I would take a swig of Colloidal Silver when I absolutely could not stand another sip of Kombucha. This helped me keep food down occasionally, but it never helped with liquids. I found the most benefit from using it in my sinuses, which helped with post nasal drip triggering my gag reflexes.

  • Oatmeal

    Oatmeal was a meal that I could count on most mornings. Sometimes, if I was really lucky, I could eat oatmeal 3 times a day! Talk about a life saver. I always added small amounts of cinnamon and honey.

  • Wheat Thins

    I carried Wheat Thins around with me 24/7. If I had to force something down, my go to was wheat thins. Especially in the morning, because they have a very subtle taste and they aren’t hard to eat.

  • Almonds & Almond Milk

    Almonds were a complete game changer for my pregnancy. They helped my stomach pain and nausea tremendously. Almond milk was also a god-send. I didn’t consider it a drink, I considered it a food because of the sense of fullness I felt after drinking it, and because it comes up as a food. Beware. Almonds are very hard to puke up. Another great note about almond milk is that it can be stored at room temp, so it was perfect to keep on my night stand.

  • Gatorade

    Gatorade was the only liquid that I had on my side before things got really bad. Eventually I couldn’t drink Gatorade anymore. But it was beautiful while it lasted.

  • Cottage Cheese

    Cold & filling, cottage cheese was always a great way to sooth my stomach pain. Cottage cheese, and some occasional cheese was the only dairy that I could handle.

  • Soup Broth

    Chicken noodle soup and bone broth helped tremendously because they were almost instant, they also helped me hydrate… hallelujah.

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Methods and Serving Size

I personally use our 500mg peppermint oil, which tastes great! I have vaped the oil and taken it orally.  I take 1/4 – 1/2 of a dropper 3x per day. If I begin to get sick I know I haven’t taken enough, and if I develop a small headache I know I have taken too little. Everyones’ dosages are different so feel free to experiment to find what works best for you! CBD is not harmful in any amount, and it has no adverse side effects.

I have had great success with taking the oil sublingually. I place the oil under my tongue and let it sit for 30 seconds before swallowing. I do this 3x per day.

Vaping the oil also works very well for me! CBD is more efficiently absorbed into the body by vaping so you will use less oil with this method. Vaping is a great method for pregnant women who do not want the CBD to travel through the liver or digestive system.

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